Cosmetic Bioglitter

Our Cosmetic Bioglitter product ranges are globally COSMETIC compliant. All Cosmetic Bioglitter products are suitable for use in cosmetic and personal care applications, including colour cosmetics, skincare, festival, nail & body art.

Cosmetic Biogliiter is not edible 

Bioglitter is an eco-friendly alternative to glitter (plastic-based glitter) and has been developed to tackle microplastic pollution created by glitter.

Apart from its physical appearance Bioglitter has different physical properties and is derived from different materials than traditional glitter. 

Bioglitter uses sustainably and ethically sourced natural and plant-derived materials as its basis rather than plastic. They are PROVEN through independent ISO14851 and ISO14852 freshwater testing of the WHOLE Bioglitter product, core and coating to biodegrade.